Oregon or bust...

Hi there. My name is Dan and this website was created to facilitate a cross country trip to Oregon with some friends. To keep the trip interesting we will ride the Trans-America Trail. As such the trip will take three to four weeks traveling about 200 miles per day. We will be riding KLR 650s and camping along the way. It is sure to be an adventure and I hope you follow along during our preperations and travels. Our planned departure date is May of 2011. This gives us two years to purchase our bikes and equipment, attend some riding courses and at least two shakedown trips here in Ohio. There is an email address at the bottom if anyone wants to contribute support and knowledge or ask questions. For now thanks for visiting and ride safe.

The website will have seperate sections breaking down the whole process. It will include equipment list and reviews, travel plans, crew introduction, and how tos. I plan to use YouTube and some kind of photo storage as well.

Finances permitting I also hope to use a fair bit of technology on the trip. Digital recorders to get some live action along the way and lots of pictures. My daughter Kelly is the first member of the crew and will serve as the photographer and videogropher. Communications will include bike radios, gps, cell phones and at least one mini laptop with web access through a cellular conneciton. Also, and I can't believe I am saying this, Facebook and Twitter will be used to share our daily experiences with family and friends in real time.

I hope to recruit at least two others to go along. A mechanic and someone with medical experience, EMT/Firefighter would be nice. Time to start calling family members and friends.

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Days to Departure

2011-6-1 06:00:00 GMT-04:00!

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